The fortune of the non-conformists

To bet one’s life on the life we dream of having means to risk it itself.

Those of us who recognize ourselves as non-conformists, we know of the extreme abyss that is felt when facing a decision that inevitably puts us on the other side of the river with little or no security at all.

We know this.

I have often wondered how many times a being can reformulate its own life, how many times it is possible to reassemble.

I am one of those people who do not accept to agonize in the middle of the journey. No matter the struggles, the dark times, the desperate moments when one would have wanted to cease to exist. All that, slowly, passes.

And you take flight again.

Little by little, you start cleaning your wings again. In time, the wounds begin to heal. They no longer burn that much; you learn to live with them. And such is the magnitude of the experience, that everyday details take on a completely different dimension. Even more than before. You observe. You are grateful.

And you refuse to give up.
You cling to life with no security and the horizon ahead.
You don’t settle.

Garda Lake (Italy), one sparkling idle afternoon

To be a non-conformist is to value every little detail as a marvelous gift. It is to find in each new person a being that comes to leave something in us: a new knowledge, a new path, a new spark. And it is to find in every circumstance, a new opportunity.

To value the details is to enter into a subtle communion with all that surrounds us, because in the end the real securities are those that we cannot see.

It is to recognize that the most extraordinary gifts fit only in our eyes and in our hearts.

And that life always lovingly opens its arms to us when we are willing to be who we have come to be.

It is worth the risk.





2 responses to “The fortune of the non-conformists”

  1. Afortunada de compartir la vida con vos, nuestros duelos, nuestras alegrías, los logros, el amor, el dolor, absolutamente todo, cuando es compartido, es mucho mejor!


    1. Valeria Alves da Florencia | Photography & Stories Avatar
      Valeria Alves da Florencia | Photography & Stories

      Un gran rayo de sol en mi camino ♡ GRACIAS


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