These days are the silent demonstration that life overcomes death, that at some point the winter must also die to be reborn in a new form. Like everything and everyone. I was thinking what a flexible role winter plays… Strengthening the roots by folding in on itself, reassembling, nourishing itself… What a brilliant acceptance of […]

The place of what is lost

A few days ago I was in Italy, in one of my beloved cities: Verona. One of the things I am passionate about doing is visiting my favorite bookstores. In one of them, I spent almost an hour browsing the two floors, filled with all sorts of themes and titles. To my surprise, out of […]

On grief and grieving*

*quoting Elisabeth Kübler-Ross book of the same title. In the past few months I have walked an intense and profound path into myself, into the deepest darkness of sorrow. My life has gone through a journey I had never thought I would have to live or experience. However, it might probably be the most transforming […]

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde.

Hi, I’m Valeria. Freelance photographer, visual artist, amateur writter. I’ve been an enthusiastic solo traveller for many years. Since the stillbirth of my little daughter, I’m completely questioning my life. My environment. The world. This blog is my space to escape from massive social media, and sharing my words and views with you. Feel welcomed.

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